Terms of Service


1. General conditions

All occurrences involving exchange or return must be made within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery and must be reported to our customer service department.


You can change the size or color of Fashion items or exchange them for any product available for sale on the site, regardless of category, brand or collection.

Since the Fashion category works with collection items, there is no replenishment for most products. If the stock of the product purchased is exhausted, it will not be possible to make the exchange for the same model.

Skate and Surf is exempt from the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any product returned without this communication, out of date or with absence of accompanying items / accessories.

2 When you decline the product

The products are shipped to the customer exactly as they were delivered to us by the manufacturer. If any of the following occurs, refuse the receipt and write the reason for the refusal:

Open or defective packaging;
Damaged product;
Product in disagreement with the request;
Lack of accessories.
If you still accept the product, please contact the customer service department within 72 hours.

To request a return, please contact us.

3 Change or cancel the purchase

The return of any product can only be made within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery. In that period, if the product is defective, or if you are not satisfied with the purchase, please notify our customer service department and request the exchange.

To exchange a product, the following conditions must be observed:

• The product must be shipped in its original packaging, with no evidence of use, without violation of the manufacturer's original seal, manual and all accessories.

• In the requests of withdrawal of products of the categories Fashion, it is essential to label / seal the product.

3.1 Return by Post Office

If the product, together with the packaging in which it was delivered, weigh less than 15 kg and its dimensions do not exceed 105 cm in height, 105 cm in width and 105 cm in length, the return can be made by post.

To post the product follow the instructions:

Condition the product in its original packaging received;
Return all items / accessories that came with the product;
Add the second copy of DANFE (Electronic Document of the Electronic Invoice) received at the time of delivery. It is imperative that it be sent for the product to be identified;
Report, on the back of DANFE, the reason for the return.
All instructions will be provided by the customer service department.

3.2 Deadline for resolution of the exchange

Skate and Surf has up to thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product at its Distribution Center to verify that the request meets the requirements of the Exchange and Returns Policy. If so, you will send another product to the customer.

In the case of products purchased from partner sellers, the term of 30 (thirty) days to realize the exchange starts to count from the receipt of the product in its Distribution Centers.


4 Repayment of the amount paid

Skate and Surf will refund the amounts paid using the same payment method chosen in the purchasing process.

In purchases paid by credit card, the card administrator will be notified and the chargeback will occur on the next or subsequent invoice, in one go, regardless of the number of parcels used in the purchase. The reimbursement term depends on the card administrator.

In purchases paid with a bank or debit card account, the refund will be made by bank deposit, within 10 (ten) business days, only in the current account of the buyer, who must be individual. It is necessary that the CPF of the current account holder is the same as in the application (CPF of the customer). If the buyer does not have a current account that meets the above conditions, a Payment Order will be sent within the same period in the name of the holder of the purchase. It can be redeemed at any agency that we will inform according to your country, upon presentation of ID and CPF.

The return of the values ​​will be processed only after receipt and analysis of the product (s) in the Distribution Center of Skate and Surf.


Attention: Skate and Surf is exempt from the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any product returned without communication to customer service, late or with absence of accompanying items / accessories.