Skate and Surf sells only ORIGINAL products, purchased from authorized brands suppliers. Our products are accompanied by the original carton and respective TAX NOTICE.
Skate and Surf has some commercial policies, so that clients have security and consequently establish a bond of trust: • The products are always delivered with Invoice, collected all taxes and taxes provided by law.
We accept Paypal direct on the site ecrater If you want to pay in another carrier we also accept: - Paypal - Strpe - AmazonPayments - Payonner - Skrill - Westen Union The client should contact to inform that he wants to pay through a dasdemias operators available.
The cost of shipping is free worldwide. In case the customer wants fast delivery, he needs to contact us and ask for the express freight, and the customer will pay for it. Note: Check express freight availability for your Country
In the whole world. We ship to all countries
Delivery time is 5 to 15 working days + the international deadline of the carrier.
Within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product to request the exchange for the same or another product of the same value. If it is a higher value product, the difference will be the cost of the customer. Exchanges the service is only by store email.
Do not. Retail only.